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Snow Storm - Badai Salju di Pantai Timur Amerika Serikat

Snow in Washington D.C
photo courtesy the washington post.
 The East coast has been blasted with a lot of snow storms since the blizzard hit on December 26. This harsh winter will probably go down as one of the coldest and snowiest for the history books. Some people love the snow and others are sick of winter already. And it looks like a snowy weekend is ahead for the North East too.(Saturday January 29th, 2011)
Badai Salju di Pantai Timur Amerika belum berakhir, dimulai sejak tanggal 26 Desember kemaren. Musim Dingin di Pantai Timur kali ini mungkin menjadi yang terdingin dan snowiest dalam sejarah.
Get Ready for More Snow on East Coast
Another storm is approaching the East coast, notes the Huffington Post. Get ready to get the snow shovel out again. Will this just be a regular snow storm or will it be thunder snow like many areas experienced in the last storm? It is a bit eerie when it is snowing heavily and then thunder and lightning start too.
Di Pantai Barat, Amerika Serikat, terutama di Northwest tempat aku tinggal, lumayan 'hangat', paling hujan rintik rintik yang malah membuat temperature jadi lebih hangat, sekitar 50 F (10 C) sehari hari, pagi hari sekitar 37-39F (sekitar 2-3 C)..tidak ada salju sama sekali akhir akhir ini.
Tiap pagi kalo 'sempat' nonton tipi nich!..eeh sambil 'nyeruput'  my hazelnut coffee..berita pertama selalu 'snow storm' ini, di beberapa negara bagian di Pantai Timur seperti Washington D.C, New York, New Jersey dan Massachusset, sudah banyak menghabiskan biaya dari budget yang dicadangkan untuk 'membersihkan' salju terutama di jalan jalan utama.

Brush snow
Mobil penyapu salju
photo courtesy
Snow Expected: Philadelphia, New York & Washington, DC
New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and suburbs around those cities are supposed to get hit with more snow this weekend, notes Huffington Post. So as you leave work tonight, stop and get those essentials you will need so you don’t have to travel on streets that are full of fresh snow over the weekend.
New Jersey
More snow is also expected in New Jersey this weekend, notes The snow will start later today and occur again on Saturday. Newark airport has been shut down a lot already this winter. Travelers everywhere on the East coast are experiencing a lot of chaos over travel plans.
Boston is also predicting snow on Saturday for Boston. This New England city has had a lot of practice handling snow, but even there the snow is a bit overwhelming this year.
Kids Love Snow
Kids in the North East will be having a fun weekend in the snow. Adults who have to shovel the snow or try to get to jobs on messy streets are less thrilled.
Yang paling gembira emang anak anak kalo lagi heavy snow gini, sekolah diliburin, main di salju sepuasnya, sedangkan ortu pada 'mengeruk' tumpukan salju.
Wacky Weather
It is not possible to control the environment. The snow comes and goes and nothing can be done about that. Meanwhile, airports shut down, roads become impassable, people have to schedule and reschedule business trips and social plans and the angst of winter grows stronger.
Emang rasanya tidak mungkin mengontrol alam, salju datang dan pergi, tidak ada yang bisa mencegah, sementara banyak airport dibikin lumpuh, penerbangan dibatalkan, jalan jalan enggak mudah dilewati, banyak orang menjadwal ulang perjalanan bisnis atau sosial. Belum lagi banyak sambungan listrik yang terputus, perlu waktu untuk kembali 'menyala'...

Deborah in New Hampshire's enjoying the snow
The NY Times reports that hundreds of thousands lost power in the recent thunder snow in Washington, DC. What will this next storm have in store for this city? President Obama has a close up view to the odd changes in winter patterns. Is all this snow a result of global warming? Is the environment giving us a hint that winters are getting colder and snowier and summers are getting hotter?
Apakah salju yang gila gilaan ini akibat dari global warming, ini juga yang jadi perhatian Presiden Obama tentang musim yang aneh ini, sepertinya alam mempunyai 'pola' tertentu, musim dingin semakin dingin, musim panas semakin panas.
It will be fascinating to see what kind of weather occurs for the rest of the winter. Change is afoot in the weather in many countries. Scientists don’t yet understand fully the impact of how the radical changes in weather patters will impact nature and humans.

thick snow in New Hampshire
Buat temen temenku ibu ibu Indonesia yang pada tinggal di East Coast nich...New Hampshire, North Carolina, Kentucky...selamat nyekop salju dech...eeh jangan lupa nyruput kopi ya!...:)
For my friends, Indonesian moms who live in East Coast area, especially in New Hampshire, North Carolina, Kentucky...have fun with the snow, happy shoveling...and don't forget your mornin' coffee..!LoL
and thanks to my friend, Wanda from New Hampshire for the snow pictures, she's a loving mom to little girl, Deborah (almost 4 years old).

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